About Us

About US


M/S STAR LED Co. Ltd. is an all kinds of LED and LED display manufacturing company. Are widely used in LED lightin at indoor and outdoor.. With the development of the country electricity consumption are increasing day by day. LED light and LED dusplay is the major items for reducing the electricity consumption. In our country, only STAR LED wull be the first manufacturing company for making LED light and LED display. To produce these products we can change our lighting systems and can reduce the electricity consumption gradually. Keeping the eyes on increasing trends the promoters intend ti setup a LED plant at SAGORIKA Industrial Estate, South Kattali, Pahartali in Chittagong.




The aim is the project is to produce LED light and LED display. The ultimate effect of the project will be very wide, such as the country power sector, a new oppersunity will be creted for employment of country people, the project will earn profit through its activity, Government will get tax revenue, will increase GDP and finally it will make a great contribution towards the national economy.



The proposed project will produce 100,000 pcs of LED light in a day. The products will easily meet up the local demand and international demand too. The communication and infrastructure facility of the project is fine. As the project will set up in a industrial belt, so the laborer and other facilities are available there.